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Internet access!

Enjoy premium internet access.

Based in the heart of Fort Walton Beach, at
ETS Computers
609 Overbrook Circle
(850) 420-5797

  • PPP Dial-up Accounts - Up to 56K v.90*
  • ISDN Connectivity
  • E-mail account(s)
  • Live tech support
  • Easy modem upgrades from ETS Computers

*=Notice: the FCC regulates connection speeds down to 53K.

Computer Sales!
ETS Computers specializes in:

  • Building your computer to your specifications.
  • Upgrading your computer to your specifications.
  • Repairing your computer(s) on-site or locally in our store.
  • Working problems out of your system.
  • Helping you decide the route to take for your upgrade needs.

ETS prides itself on the Quality of our new builds. We will install only quality components!


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