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Arc Search: Find Everything, Faster

Fresh Features

The world moves stirringly fast. New products and apps launch every week, fresh takes and ideas pop up on your daily feed, and your friends have another pop culture obsession every time you chat. It's both a thrill and a challenge to try and keep up!

Luckily, Arc Search - your new default mobile browser by The Browser Company, helps you move even faster. It brings everything you are searching for, to you -- quickly and without distractions.

The fastest way to search on mobile

Over the past few months, Adam, Karla, Kasper, Nate, and Sika have been hard at working building the fastest way to search, and the cleanest way to browse. Arc Search:

  • Browses for you. For any search, tapping Browse for Me will scour the web, read multiple pages, and build you the perfect tab - already a fan favorite.

  • Clears the clutter. Auto-archives old tabs, and blocks ads, trackers, and all banners (even GDPR!)

  • Gets you there faster. Always opens with the keyboard up so yo can start searching in fewer taps.

  • Keeps distractions at bay. Offers a clean and clear Reader Mode.

  • Stays out of the way. Arc Search's minimal design tints itself to match your websites perfectly.

Arc Search is still in its earliest stages. We're hoping to bring something new and different to mobile browsers — and we can only do that with you.

So, click the button below to jump straight into your next online adventure, no Arc account needed (!) and Arc Search will make sure it's a fun and smooth ride.

Here's to all the tab hoppers who stay open and curious -- keep asking questions, pushing boundaries, and prepare for more!

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